My Workload

Since I am discussing and reviewing older titles on this blog. I thought I would show you the games I have to work with right now. Also, Pink Yarn Yoshi!!!

IMG_20151022_114401 IMG_20151022_114501 IMG_20151022_114524 IMG_20151022_114530 IMG_20151022_114559 IMG_20151022_114616

A lot of these games I want to play through, either again, or in some rare cases, for the first time. There are still games that I don’t own that I would love to play and review at some point, so this collection is only likely to grow.

Keep in mind that for the moment, I still consider PS3 titles to be current, so I will be focusing on previous gen games first in my reviews.

If there’s anything in my collection you would like me to review, or if there are games you think I should be looking for, please send me a comment.

My Workload