Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 5


Average Party Level: 23

The Story So far

While staying the night in town, Ryudo wakes up from a nightmare to find a floating eyeball in his room. After following it to a quarry in town, he discovers another broken Seal of Valmar. All signs point to Aira, the little girl whose eyesight was restored. When confronted by the Inquisition, Aira disappears. Knowing she would likely go to her garden, Ryudo and his company head there.

With Millenia’s help, they enter Aira’s soul and confront the Eyes of Valmar. The demonic presence is defeated, but only at the cost of Aira’s life. Aira’s mother’s only hope is the one blooming flower that houses Aira’s soul. If nurtured, she may come back to life.

With the threat of darkness gone, Selene and her inquisitors leave, but it’s clear that Ryudo and Elena have made an enemy.


Good God, these boss fights are long and drawn out. Either that or I’m underlevelled. The Eyes of Valmar had four little eyeball enemies, and the main body itself had three parts to it, all of which had really high HP. Sad to admit, but I lost on my first go around and had to rethink my strategy. Thankfully I was able to get it on the second try, but it took its sweet time to go down.

Now here is a story that tugged at the heart strings. We basically killed a child. Sure, it was to help save the world, but man… You can try to add the silver lining that she might come back to life, but that doesn’t excuse the action itself. The fact that a story is willing to include material like this makes it a more bold and engaging experience. I wonder how far it will keep going.

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 5

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