Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 7


Average Party Level: 29

The Story So Far

After arriving in Cyrum, Roan uncovers a problem within the castle, forcing him to reveal his royal birthright to his friends. Ryudo and his friends sneak in through an underground entrance to the castle. Upon arriving, we learn that Roan’s father is planning to open the Gate of Darkness to reclaim the honor of his people.

With the gate open, and the scent of Melfice within, Ryudo investigate to find what appears to be a factory of some sort. When they reach the control room, they are attacked by an artificial human, who has been possessed by the Claws of Valmar. A difficult fight ensues, but Ryudo is victorious in the end.

Mareg brings the artificial being back to the castle, and as she awakens, he tries to explain that she is free to do whatever she wants. Being only programmed to follow orders, she does not understand.

Roan decides to speak to his father again to have the factory destroyed, only to hear screams in the next room. Everyone rushes in to find the King injured, and Melfice before them. Melfice is way too powerful for everyone, but his final blows are halted by Tio, the artificial human. Melfice manages to escape, telling Ryudo to follow.

The next day, Roan chooses to remain in Cyrum and assume the throne. A tearful goodbye is met with his friends, as he provides them a ship to travel to Ryudo’s home town. Along the way, Tio decides to travel with Ryudo, Mareg and Elena.


WHY IS ROAN GONE?!?!?!?!?!

After all the work I put in to making him amazing, I no longer have Roan in my party. My hope is that Tio will make a good replacement. I’ve set her up with the same mana egg and skill set as Roan, so hopefully the stats will back it up.

I also hadn’t realized that every time we defeat a piece of Valmar, Millenia gets a new skill from it. It’s nice that there is added variety to her, especially with how powerful her skills can be. The animations for these skills are also very impressive. The one she got from the Claws is just creepy to watch. It really helps explain how horrible Valmar really could be if fully awakened.

The dungeon designs of the factory were really interesting, but at the same time very confusing. Once again, a map is built like a maze, and I have no mini-map to keep track of things. This is one of those things I would love to have, but alas.

With Roan gone, things are gonna be different for the party, and replacing him with a emotionless doll may not have been a good choice, but i guess time will tell.

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 7