Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 6

Average Party Level – 25

The Story So Far

After trekking through the St. Heim mountain pass, Ryudo and his friends finally make it to the Cathedral of Granas. There, Elena parted ways with everyone while the others planned what to do next.

After meeting with Pope Zera, Elena learns that the key to sealing Valmar and freeing herself from Millenia is the Granasaber. This legendary sword has been lost for ages, and there are minimal leads to finding it. Ryudo is summoned to the cathedral and is tasked with finding the Granasaber, while travelling with Elena.

The only lead they have is that the sword was last seen “underneath the dwellers of darkness. Roan thinks that there may be a lead in the Kingom of Cyrum, where he grew up. With no other leads, the gang heads east.

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Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 6

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 5


Average Party Level: 23

The Story So far

While staying the night in town, Ryudo wakes up from a nightmare to find a floating eyeball in his room. After following it to a quarry in town, he discovers another broken Seal of Valmar. All signs point to Aira, the little girl whose eyesight was restored. When confronted by the Inquisition, Aira disappears. Knowing she would likely go to her garden, Ryudo and his company head there.

With Millenia’s help, they enter Aira’s soul and confront the Eyes of Valmar. The demonic presence is defeated, but only at the cost of Aira’s life. Aira’s mother’s only hope is the one blooming flower that houses Aira’s soul. If nurtured, she may come back to life.

With the threat of darkness gone, Selene and her inquisitors leave, but it’s clear that Ryudo and Elena have made an enemy.


Good God, these boss fights are long and drawn out. Either that or I’m underlevelled. The Eyes of Valmar had four little eyeball enemies, and the main body itself had three parts to it, all of which had really high HP. Sad to admit, but I lost on my first go around and had to rethink my strategy. Thankfully I was able to get it on the second try, but it took its sweet time to go down.

Now here is a story that tugged at the heart strings. We basically killed a child. Sure, it was to help save the world, but man… You can try to add the silver lining that she might come back to life, but that doesn’t excuse the action itself. The fact that a story is willing to include material like this makes it a more bold and engaging experience. I wonder how far it will keep going.

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 5

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 4


Average Party Level: 19

The Story So Far

While on the Skyway, Ryudo’s car is attacked by the dark power of Valmar and it crashes into a nearby forest. Our party must now set out the rest of the way to the Cathedral on foot. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious garden with a small child. The child foresees coming darkness and disappears.

Ryudo and his allies find their way to a small village and discover that this town is also cursed. People have been having strange nightmares, and some villagers have just not woken up. The mayor had requested aid from the church, and had mistaken Elena for that aid. Shortly after, the town is greeted by the inquisitor, Selene. Her mission: to “purify” the darkness in the village, even if it means burning it to the ground. Elena wants to stop the village from being razed, and their only lead is the little girl they found in the forest. Once blind, her vision has been restored, and her mother has been labelled a heretic.

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Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 4

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 3


Average Party Level: 18

The Story So Far

After arriving in the town of Liligue, Ryudo and his posse find themselves unable to use the Skyway to the Granas Cathedral, thanks to the current mayor. The townspeople are also afflicted by a strange curse that has removed their sense of taste. The church offered insight that there may be a sealed piece of Valmar deep within a buried ruin in town. Upon deciding to visit the ruin, Ryudo meets with Merag once again and decides to team up to find Ryudo’s brother.

Exploring the ruin revealed that the Tongue of Valmar was released from its slumber. After a tough fight, Millenia appears and devours it, making its power her own. With the town at ease, our heroes get ready to board the skytrain.

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Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 3

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 2


Average Party Level: 14

The Story So Far

On the way to see the Pope of Granas, Ryudo and Elena stop at a town that has been blocked off due to a monster infestation. Ryudo decides to leave Elena at the inn to sleep for the night while he deals with the monsters, while also learning that a young boy named Roan has gone looking for his precious medal that was stolen by the monsters. Before leaving, Millenia appears again, and decides to join Ryudo on his monster hunt. Roan is rescued and the monsters defeated.

That morning, Millenia says her goodbyes and transforms back into her host form, which is none other than Elena.

Our pair, now accompanied by Roan, head towards the skyway, only to be attacked by a random beast man, who is looking for Ryudo’s late brother. Eventually, he realizes his misunderstanding, and leaves them be.

Read my thoughts so far below!

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Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 2

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 1


Average Party Level: 11


After taking a bodyguard job for the Granas cathedral, a young Geohound named Ryudo and his pet bird, Skye, become involved in a failed ritual, leaving only himself and the priestess he was hired to guard as survivors. The priestess, Elena, has been cursed with the Wings of Valmar. After an encounter with an agent of darkness, known only as Millenia, Ryudo is charged with continuing to protect Elena while escorting her to the main church of Granas.

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Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 1

Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad – Finale


Final Play Time: 15 Hours, 23 minutes
Average Party Level: 45


After pushing through the Dark Area, DATS locates Lucemon and the final battle begins. During the fight, Lucemon summons his true power and transforms into the Dark Lord. After a long and hardĀ for his crimes. The team is then called back to DATS with their mission completed.

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Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad – Finale