Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 6

Average Party Level – 25

The Story So Far

After trekking through the St. Heim mountain pass, Ryudo and his friends finally make it to the Cathedral of Granas. There, Elena parted ways with everyone while the others planned what to do next.

After meeting with Pope Zera, Elena learns that the key to sealing Valmar and freeing herself from Millenia is the Granasaber. This legendary sword has been lost for ages, and there are minimal leads to finding it. Ryudo is summoned to the cathedral and is tasked with finding the Granasaber, while travelling with Elena.

The only lead they have is that the sword was last seen “underneath the dwellers of darkness. Roan thinks that there may be a lead in the Kingom of Cyrum, where he grew up. With no other leads, the gang heads east.


Okay, so for the moment, I’ve broken Roan. Maxing out his earth casting ability, and the tremor spell, Roan is one hit killing most enemies right now. It’s really helped with getting some levels. I’m starting to think that grinding for skill coins and magic coins is going to be the key to beating these high HP bosses.

I’m also liking the flow of gameplay. I’ve only just realized that it has been very balanced. Basically i am doing a dungeon, then plot point, then a dungeon, then a plot point, and so on. This at least gives me some idea of when to expect a save point, and know how long I need for game time.

My biggest concern is how slow and choppy some of the cut scenes are. I constantly notice how choppy things are, and how slow the text runs during these scenes. Usually I can’t speed them up during these times. This is something I hoped would not be an issue after a port that added content to the game.

More soon!

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 6

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