My Workload

Since I am discussing and reviewing older titles on this blog. I thought I would show you the games I have to work with right now. Also, Pink Yarn Yoshi!!!

IMG_20151022_114401 IMG_20151022_114501 IMG_20151022_114524 IMG_20151022_114530 IMG_20151022_114559 IMG_20151022_114616

A lot of these games I want to play through, either again, or in some rare cases, for the first time. There are still games that I don’t own that I would love to play and review at some point, so this collection is only likely to grow.

Keep in mind that for the moment, I still consider PS3 titles to be current, so I will be focusing on previous gen games first in my reviews.

If there’s anything in my collection you would like me to review, or if there are games you think I should be looking for, please send me a comment.

My Workload

Review – .Hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak and Quarantine


Publisher: Bandai
Platform: Playstation 2
Genre: Action RPG
Release Dates:
Infection – February 10th, 2003
Mutation – May 6th, 2003
Outbreak – September 9th, 2003
Quarantine – January 14th, 2004


“The World”, an online game of sword and sorcery, is one of the most popular games out there. As a new player, a PC by the name of Kite logs in for the first time, and with the help of a fellow classmate, a PC known as Orca, begins his adventures in “The World”, During Kite’s training, they are attacked by an unknown enemy and Orca is defeated. Kite learns afterward that his classmate is now in a coma in the real world. With the game seemingly connected to Orca’s coma, Kite begins investigating into the cause within the game, only to delve into many mysteries surrounding the players, developers, and the system administrators. What is the big secret surrounding “The World”?

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Review – .Hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak and Quarantine

Upcoming Reviews

Well, I was a lot faster than I had expected on my review of Rogue Galaxy. That being said, I wanted to give you all an idea of what games I will be talking about in the future. My next five reviews, in no particular order, will be for the following games:

-.Hack//G.U. Vol 1-3
-MS Saga: A New Dawn
-Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

Also, I am open to any and all suggestions. If you’d like to see me review an RPG, please comment below, and I will let you know if I have access to the game.

Upcoming Reviews

First Review – Rogue Galaxy


Platform: Playstation 2
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Level-5
Release Date: January 30th, 2007


Jaster Rogue, a young man living on the desert planet Rosa, dreams of travelling into space. After an incident involving a monster attacking his hometown, and a case of mistaken identity, Jaster’s wish comes true. He is recruited by a group of space pirates, led by the infamous Dorgengoa, to travel the galaxy in search of the phantom planet of Eden, rumored to house some of the greatest treasures in the galaxy. Little does Jaster realize that his new allies are not the only ones looking for Eden’s treasure, and a dangerous race for the greatest treasure in the galaxy is underway.

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First Review – Rogue Galaxy

So, who am I and what am I doing?

Hello everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kojin66, and as you may have guessed from my blog title, I like old school RPG video games. While that is one of my many Hobbies,in a lame attempt to let you all get to know me, I will tell you some of my other interests.

I have an interest in TCGs such as Force of Will, and have played a myriad of others. I am a huge Tokusatsu fan, with a heavy interest in the Kamen Rider franchise. I watch plenty of anime, and love a good board game from time to time.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to the big question: What am I going to do with this blog?

In the past few years, I have noticed a trend in current video game releases. That trend is a lack of quality control on most current-gen games. From a poor localization job, or a game flooded with bugs and glitches, to a flagrant abuse of microtransactions in high priced modern games, it just makes me think of the good ol’ days of video gaming. Sure, older titles were no stranger to a bad translation and a bug here or there, but I find that it was nowhere near as bad as things have been in the last 2-3 years.

My hope is for this blog to be a reminder to us all of RPGs from the previous generations of consoles and portables that were made, many with quality in mind. I will be reviewing games that I have played, and finished, in order to be as in depth and spoiler light as possible.

As always, when I talk about games, my opinions are just that. An opinion. I am always welcoming to other points of view and even some debate with what I write here, as long as it is polite and civil.

I own a lot of classic RPGs, and some obscure ones as well. I look forward to going through all of them, and as my collection grows, I will keep reaching for those gems.

I hope you will like what I have to say, and I should have my first review up soon. With luck, I will have something ready in a week or two. (Like I said, I want to be as in-depth as possible).

Look forward to it!

So, who am I and what am I doing?