Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 3


Average Party Level: 18

The Story So Far

After arriving in the town of Liligue, Ryudo and his posse find themselves unable to use the Skyway to the Granas Cathedral, thanks to the current mayor. The townspeople are also afflicted by a strange curse that has removed their sense of taste. The church offered insight that there may be a sealed piece of Valmar deep within a buried ruin in town. Upon deciding to visit the ruin, Ryudo meets with Merag once again and decides to team up to find Ryudo’s brother.

Exploring the ruin revealed that the Tongue of Valmar was released from its slumber. After a tough fight, Millenia appears and devours it, making its power her own. With the town at ease, our heroes get ready to board the skytrain.


Finally, the fights are starting to get a bit challenging. The Tongue of Valmar boss fight was intense too. It had a lot of hit points, so it was a bit of a slog. It was still fun and manageable, though.

Still wishing for a better map. Getting around with the compass is not always the best way to do things. I would settle for a map that builds as you explore at this point. It’s not a dealbreaker for gameplay, but it would make exploring a lot better.

I’m also really digging the adventure book system. Powering up equippable skills is a really nice way to customize your characters individually. Right now, I have Roan set up with a high level earth spell, and then equipped a skill that boosts earth damage. Haven’t checked on how powerful it is yet, but i’ll let you know.

Things are only going to get more interesting from here, so I look forward to what happens next!

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 3

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