Upcoming Content – Summer Edition

Hey everyone!

So as you can tell, there hasn’t been too much posted on here as of late. That doesn’t mean that I’m not hard at work either playing some games for review, or coming up with some new ideas for content to add to the blog. I wanted to take a minute to give you some insight as to some of the things I’m working on right now, to eventually bring to your feeds.

Find out what I’m working on below!

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Upcoming Content – Summer Edition

Review – Lost Kingdoms


Developer: From Software
Platform: GameCube
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: May 27th, 2002


The kingdom of Argwyll is in peril. A black for had shrouded the land, and monsters have appeared that seem impossible to defeat. The only hope are the Runestones. These gems possess the power to capture and control monsters in cards. A young princess named Katia releases a Runestone and sets out to find her father, only to realize she has begun a journey to save her country.

My full review is below!

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Review – Lost Kingdoms

Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Finale


Final Play Time: 9 Hours, 53 Minutes


After a long journey, Katia has come face to face with Thalnos, the Enchanter. Thus began a duel between card summoners. Katias victory over Thalnos released the God of Destruction. Against all odds, our princess managed to defeat the source of the black fog, and peace and stability returned to Argwyll.

My final thoughts are after the break!

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Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Finale

Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 5



Play time:  8 Hours, 27 Minutes
Level Cleared:  Ruh-Arok Temple

The Story So Far

After defeating the black witch Helena in the coliseum, you learn that she was a princess in her own country, and it was destroyed by the Enchanter. Katia knows that he is responsible for the Black Fog and the suffering in Argwyll. After a long journey, she has met with the God of Creation. It alone can send her to the other side, to face and defeat her foe.

Check out what I thought about it!

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Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 5

One of the reasons I do what I do

I’ve been writing for this blog since October 2015, and in that time, I have reviewed several old school RPGs, written fun lists, and even written about my journeys with a fantastic game (and eventually will finish a mediocre one). I also mentioned in my very first post that one of my main reasons for writing about older games was due to the excess of buggy, unfinished games, and incomplete games that require paid DLC or microtransactions in order to have a more complete experience. Today, I want to talk in more detail about one of these issues. Namely, the buggy games.

Now, first and foremost, I am well aware that older games can be just as buggy as current gen games. on the top of my head, I can think of several games from the PS2 era that had bugs or glitches that would cause games to freeze up on me. When I do get around to reviewing a game that has a bug or glitch, it will be mentioned in my reviews. While this taught me to save more regularly than I did in the past, it’s still frustrating to have to go through parts of a game that you have already been through, especially if a game doesn’t let you skip cut scenes. In these instances, I tend to only suck it up and keep going with a game if I am really enjoying it.

That is NOT always the case.

For me, the straw that broke the camel’s back and made me decide what the focus of my blog was to become was a game that I did not continue, even after absolutely loving the game.

Find out which game after the break!

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One of the reasons I do what I do

Review – Koudelka


Developer: Sacnoth
Platform: PlayStation
Genre: Horror RPG
Release Date: November 30th, 1999


Set in the late 19th Century, Koudelka follows the titular character to a centuries old monastery in Wales, guided by a mysterious voice. There, she encounters an injured thief, a priest, and a horrific history of violence, torture, and death within its walls. Unable to escape, the three must explore each room, learning of its twisted history, all the while fighting the hideous creatures within. What will they find in each room? How will they escape? Most importantly, will they survive the night?

My full review after the break.

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Review – Koudelka

Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 4


Play Time: 5 Hours, 13 Minutes

Point Cleared: Grenfoel Church

The Story So Far (If you can call it that)

After a long search, Katia has found her father, only to watch him die in her arms. His final words were to tell her to gather the five rune stones and take them to the great shrine.

Upon reaching the castle of Whyt, You learn that the mysterious Black Witch has come looking for the rune stone, and that the Prince has gone missing on his trip to Grenfoel Church, which is where the stone is also hidden. Katia manages to retrieve the stone, but the Black Witch has kidnapped the prince. Katia must head to the Coliseum to rescue the prince, and hopefully defeat her nemesis once and for all.

Find out what I thought after the break!

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Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 4