About Me

So here’s me. a 30-something guy who has realized just how much he loves RPG video games. After spending a lot of time playing and replaying some older games (PS2 era and before), It has come to my attention that these games from the past are so much more worthwhile than a lot of games being released today. Now don’t get me wrong, many new games are great in their own right, but there are so many things about them that differ from old game releases.

Some games are rushed at development, where companies release games that are horribly buggy, or lacking enough content to merit the price you pay for them, forcing DLC expansions, microtransactions, and so on. Others just aren’t planned through from a story or character perspective in the same way as they used to.

The point of my blog is to remind people that it wasn’t always like this. The games of old have been better overall in many of these aspects. That’s not to say that there weren’t bugs in old games, or there were story issues, but they were fewer and farther between.

The reviews I will do will not be scored. One, I’ve never really given much stock in ratings and scores, and second, these reviews are opinion pieces, and therefore don’t need to be numbered.

I will do my best to be as in depth as possible with each review I do, and look forward to hearing what people think about them. Always looking for friendly discussion and/or debate.


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