Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 1


Average Party Level: 11


After taking a bodyguard job for the Granas cathedral, a young Geohound named Ryudo and his pet bird, Skye, become involved in a failed ritual, leaving only himself and the priestess he was hired to guard as survivors. The priestess, Elena, has been cursed with the Wings of Valmar. After an encounter with an agent of darkness, known only as Millenia, Ryudo is charged with continuing to protect Elena while escorting her to the main church of Granas.

First Impressions

Wow, they really put me into the action right away. So far, I’m liking the combat system. It’s very real time, and seeing exactly when you or an enemy might take an action really makes things a bit more interesting. I can either do regular damage with a combo attack, or if I can time it right, use a Critical attack to do less damage, but can cancel an enemy’s skill or spell casting. Once I got Elena as a second party member, it became a more strategically oriented fight.

I’m also liking that there are two different types of skill points: one for magic, and one for innate skills. There are also two sets of customization points to improve each. It’s a shared pool for all party members, so hopefully I won’t be struggling to grind somewhere down the road.

As for the story, There’s a lot of unanswered questions. The biggest one being “Why are Geohounds looked down upon?”. I really want the answer to that soon.

Playthrough Journal – Grandia 2 Part 1

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