RPG Board Games: Skies of Arcadia

And now we come to the final board game concept of November. So far, we have had two very different ideas for a game, and today will not be any different. With its vast world, and airship concept, I have pulled a game idea from Skies of Arcadia.

Without further ado, here we go!


The concept of this game is based on finding the many discoveries in the world. The first person find all of their assigned discoveries and report them is the winner.

Game Pieces/Cards

Each player will be represented on the board with a ship token. The ship will have a correspoding info card, each with basic stats. All ships will have the same stats at the start of the game. The stats represented are armor, movement and attack.

Equipment cards

You can buy new parts for your ship as you progress through the game. These parts will improve the base stats of the ship, as well as allow your ship to navigate through some parts of the sky that are not normally accessible. (ie. an engine that can get through the southern vortices)

Discovery cards

These cards tell you where a discovery is located, which helps set your destination. Each successfully returned discovery will award you money and Discovery points. More on that later.

Enemy ships/cards

You are not alone in the sky. You will have to either fight or steer clear of pirates, Valuan patrol ships, and more if you want to succeed. Enemies will also have their own figures and stat cards for reference in the event of combat. The stat cards will also indicate the starting position for each ship during setup, as well as a patrol route that shows how they move every turn.

Discovery markers

These will be placed when a discovery card is revealed. This is the physical location on the map where you will search for that discovery.


Players will set their ships at the same starting point on the map (Sailor’s Island). There, they will receive three individual discovery cards. Once those cards are revealed, a marker is placed on the board for each location. Then, Reveal five enemy ship cards, and place a marker for each ship at the starting point indicated on their card. Now you’re ready to play!

Turn Sequence

Players will determine a first player. During their turn, they can move a distance equal to their move score in any direction. Next, they may take an action (If you choose not to move on a turn, you may take two actions).That action could include attacking a nearby enemy ship, searching for a discovery, or turning in a discovery or bounty if they are back at port island.

Between each players’ turn, all enemy ships move one space, as per their patrol route. If they come into firing range of you, they MUST attack. After this sequence, play continues to the next player.

Once a player reaches a discovery point, they may search for it. To do this, a six-sided die must be rolled. On a 4-6, you find the discovery, and on a 1-3, you haven’t found it yet and spend another action to search again. Once you have made the discovery, you can either go back to report and earn money for ship upgrades, or you can search for your next discovery if you’re able to make it to another one. Remember, it’s a race to find your discoveries first, so make sure you can find the fastest route to your locations.

If you engage an enemy ship, you will fight it using six-sided dice. Each gun you have will give you one die to roll, and damage is compared to the enemy ship’s damage. If you defeat an enemy ship, you earn salvage, which can be sold for money. Once an enemy ship is defeated, on the next turn, flip up a new enemy ship card, and place the figure at its new starting point.

If you lose a fight with an enemy ship, you go back to Sailor’s Island, and start again from there. As a rule, you must wait a minimum of three turns before turning in any discoveries. This way, you can’t intentionally lose a fight just to get back and win faster.


So that’s my final game in this series so far. As always, I’m happy to discuss other ideas with anyone. While I have absolutely no intention to make these games real, it’s just fun to imagine what these would be like if they were an actual thing.

RPG Board Games: Skies of Arcadia

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