The Five – Interesting Methods of Travel

When we think about travelling around in RPG games, traditionally you and your party spend a lot of time on foot. But there can be more than one way to get around from point A to Point B, C, and so on. Here are some of the more interesting methods of travel used in RPGs.

Airship – Final Fantasy Series


The most traditional and well known means of travelling the world, the airship is often a reward later on in an RPG to allow you to travel the world. You can explore new areas that were not previously reachable, or revisit old locations that you haven’t been to for some time.

The airship itself is a pinnacle of fantasy design. In many games, it’s an incredibly rare item in the world, due to its complexity. It’s the equivalent of owning your own private jet in the real world. Once you have yours in game, you’re living the high life.

Dragon – Suikoden


In pure fantasy style, there’s nothing more fitting than riding a dragon. Luckily, Suikoden offers the Dragon Knights. These mounted dragon riders help you reach far distances by riding on the back of one of their dragons. Even with simple 2D graphics, it’s a pretty cool concept.

Bacon Jet – Shadow Hearts: Covenant


Leave it to the crazy Roger Bacon to develop a long distance rocket in the early 1900’s. The rocket is used to send Yuri and his party from Wales to Russia, and eventually Japan. While you don’t see the rocket for more than one scene, the fact that you continually use it is still very entertaining.

Blinking Mirror – Suikoden


Another inclusion from the Suikoden series is the mysterious Blinking Mirror. The mirror has the power to send you to any location that you have been to once before, and you are provided  a portable mirror that allows you to return back to your castle stronghold at any time.

Very little is known about the power and scale of the blinking mirror. Thanks to Suikoden IV, we do know that it has the power to teleport an entire warship from island to island. One can only speculate if that is truly the full force of the mirror’s power.

Fairy Portal- Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana


A rare means of travel in this world, the fairy portals not only allow you to travel to other places, but you will get access to the fairy workshop. Here you can purchase special items that will help create items to customize your gear. Not only is it a practical way to get around, but it’s essential for creating the best weapons and armor in the game.

The Five – Interesting Methods of Travel

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