The Five – RPG Mini-Games

When an RPG provides side content to expand its playability, it comes in many forms. Sometimes they are quests with more powerful bosses, and sometimes they are bonus dungeons with extra special gear. On some occasions, there are also some mini-games that are not necessarily relevant to plot, but can still provide some interesting rewards. The following are some of the more interesting Mini-games out there.

XenoCard – Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille Zur Macht


XenoCard is essentially a trading card game built into the Xenosaga game. You build a deck of cards, play character cards, equipment cards, and event cards during different phases of the game, and battle it out. Each point of damage you take discards a card from the top of your deck. The goal is to empty your opponents deck. Direct attacks can happen if there are no opposing characters on the field, or if certain attack conditions are met. Like many TCGs out there, it’s highly addictive. I found myself playing it more and more than I enjoyed the game itself. It’s only a shame that they didn’t keep it in the sequels.

Crimson Vs. – .Hack//G.U.


Crimson Vs. is a side game for The World: R2. When you play, you build a deck with three cards: A General, and two other characters. The key to victory is to have a set of three that combo off of each other in order to gain advantage. Matches are very quick when you watch them, but you don’t even have to. Matches are played every minute or two automatically while you are in-game. You can view results, and replay any matches whenever you want. Your goal is to rise to the top rank and take on the current reigning champion…whom you happen to know.

Chinchirorin – Suikoden


Next up we have a silly little dice gambling game. You roll three dice and try to get a higher roll score than your opponent. Certain combos can also reward you with double or even triple your winnings. Be careful though, as you have to aim where the dice land. If they don’t land in the cup, you automatically lose.

With so many ways to win, and a slightly broken odds system in game, this is a fun and easy way to get rich quick.

Insectron – Rogue Galaxy


During your adventures in the Willherser System, Jaster and his band of pirates will have the ability to lay out bug traps to capture Insectors. The purpose is to raise them, breed them, and compete with them in the Insectron tournament.

Using five of your Insectors, you play a chess-like game with an opponent. Each Insector has a special ability that can only be used three times per match. They also have an HP score, so it also has a bit of an SRPG feel to its gameplay. It’s pure fun and so addictive, that Level-5 built a system to allow you to play with another player if they have their memory card with them.

Poffin Making – Pokemon Diamond/Pearl


This is probably the most mindless mini-game on this list, but I couldn’t help finding it incredibly fun to do. Poffins are a special treat for your Pokemon. To make them, you need a berry mixer. With it, you would use your Nintendo DS Stylus to stir the pot of berries. If you mix too gently, it could burn. If you mix too fast, it’ll spill. The overall quality of the poffin will always depend on the care you take in making it, as well as the types of berries used.

The Five – RPG Mini-Games

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