The Five – Interesting Combat Systems – Action

Continuing September’s theme, this week I’m going to share with you my list of
interesting combat systems in an Action RPG. In order to have qualified for this list, all combat must have been done in real time, with the only exception of pauses to access skill or item menus. And with that, here are some great examples of this combat system.



The fast-paced action of this series really made it more fun than its predecessors. From hitting with fast combos, to activating your skill trigger to unleash powerful skills, and later on in the series, changing weapons on the fly, Haseo is a force to be reckoned with. You are also given more powerful super skills that are more effective based on the affection level of your party members. I like the effectiveness of this because it means you need to interact with your emails and other members in order to hit the hardest. Overall, it is a fast and intriguing combat experience.

Rogue Galaxy


While the combat mechanics of Rogue Galaxy is pretty standard fare, the monsters in game are what make it interesting. There are monsters that you will encounter that require some thinking on how to defeat. For example, one of the plant monsters on the planet Juraika take minimal damage unless you jump on their heads first. Others can be protected by a barrier, and need a specific gun to break it. It’s the added challenge that helps this game make the list.

Devil Summoner 2 – Raidou Kuzunoha Vs. King Abaddon

devil summoner

With the ability to summon two demons to your side in combat, the action just doesn’t stop here. Along with this power, your sword can be modified so that its special skill takes on the form of a different weapon, such as an Axe or hammer. There’s a bit of challenge here too, in that if Raidou goes down, the game ends. It can be quite unforgiving, but that doesn’t stop the action from being worth every second.

The Last Story

Last Story

So few people I encounter have ever heard of this Wii RPG, and that’s a shame since it had some great real time combat. The range of skills available really helped make it fun. My favorite example was the vertical slice. Your character would run up a wall, aim below, and drop down for big damage. I remember fighting a squid boss that made using this skill essential. There are plenty of other examples, but this alone just shows how innovative an action system can truly be.

Ar Tonelico Qoga – Knell of Ar Ciel

Ar tonelico 3

This was an interesting action system, as it required a bit of time management. The focus was for your vanguard characters to attack, distracting the enemy long enough for your Reyvateil to charge her song magic. Eventually, the enemy would launch an attack on her, and you need to run back to her to defend. You have to keep aware of the situation if you want to succeed.

The Five – Interesting Combat Systems – Action

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