Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad – Finale


Final Play Time: 15 Hours, 23 minutes
Average Party Level: 45


After pushing through the Dark Area, DATS locates Lucemon and the final battle begins. During the fight, Lucemon summons his true power and transforms into the Dark Lord. After a long and hard for his crimes. The team is then called back to DATS with their mission completed.

Final Thoughts

Okay seriously, that was one of the most anti-climactic endings I have ever seen in an RPG. The final boss goes down, they’re ordered back to base and roll credits. Not even anything post credits, other than a group photo and Marcus shouting “Let’s go, Agumon!”. It didn’t need much, but at least some cinematics during the credit roll would have been nice. But no, it was just boring.

Getting past that, the final battle was a bit of a slog. With my party as is, I could not beat it the first time, and had to go back and do some grinding. Even after that, it felt like I was still underlevelled. Maybe I should have done some of those side missions. Thankfully, the final dungeon was vast and full of digimon just handing out experience like it was candy.

Overall, It was still a fun game. It just needed WAY more quality control then it obviously got. I’ve gone into some detail in previous entries, but my full review will be coming later this month, and that should give some more ideas on what needed fixing.

And so completes another playthrough journal. I have yet to come up with the next game to do. Since my criteria has to be a game that I haven’t finished, I need to find something there to do. Until then, I hope you enjoy the coming review for this game, as well as the additional content coming this month.

Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad – Finale

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