Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 8


Play Time: 12 Hours, 38 Minutes
Average Party Level: 30

The Story So Far

After being joined by Yuma and Renamon, DATS heads to save the city from the onslaught of rampaging Digimon. After finding Creepymon in the park, Marcus and Agumon finally defeat him. It is revealed that Creepymon was actually a former DATS member named Nitta, and all he wanted to do was see his daughter again. Unfortunately, Nitta was possessed for too long, and his body degrades right before his daughter’s eyes. The team’s moment of grief was put on hold when we learn that Nitta had already given his code key to the enemy. With Lucemon close to revival, it’s time for our team to prepare for the final battle.


Way to get serious, story. I have to admit, I expected Nitta to live after all this, but that was all just a clever set up, wasn’t it? Good show.

More importantly though, I finally have some Mega Digimon! Right now my team consists of ShineGreymon, Rosemon, and Pandamon. It’s a great team combo. ShineGreymon and Pandamon are great damage dealers, and Rosemon is good for healing, and multi-target attacks. This team made the second encouter with Creepymon a breeze. I gave ShineGreymon an attack X2 skill, and a VB enchant to hit Creepymon’s weakness. This killed him by dealing more than half of his maximum HP as damage.

I’ve done some homework on the game, and apparently I’m at the point where I can start doing some side bosses. It would be nice if I had any notice of these being available. I wouldn’t have known about them otherwise. Still, there are some pretty interesting Digimon available to fight, and my guess is that they will unlock Digivolution paths to them by beating them.

I’ll check them out and report back next week! See you all then!!

Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 8

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