The Five – Recurring RPG characters

With different series of games, developers tend to come up with interesting ways to bring characters back, sometimes for more than one installment of the series. Regardless of whether or not they’re playable, these characters help shape the game universe, and adding a certain level of familiarity. Below are five characters that have shown up more than twice in their respective franchises.

My Five below!

Pamela Ibis – Atelier Series


The ghostly presence of the Atelier series has appeared many times. What’s interesting about this is is that most of the Atelier series are set as trilogies, and each trilogy is a different world. Pamela always appears as another form of herself, but her story is always the same. She’s a ghost, and has no memory of how she died. Even though it’s never the same Pamela, it’s still great to see her every time she appears.

Viki – Suikoden Series


As a “Master of Time and Space”, Viki appears in every main installment of Suikoden. She always appears out of nowhere, with no idea of where she is. After each game, she then sneezes and then disappears, only to appear in the next (Or previous) major war. Her chaotic travel has even had us meet two versions of her at the same time. Beyond the fact that she can teleport, we really don’t know all that much about her, and to this day, it’s one of the biggest unanswered questions in Suikoden.

Igor – Persona Series


“Welcome to the Velvet Room…”

The long nose, the nice suit and the mastery of the arcana. These are just some of the qualities that describe the master of the Velvet room. Regardless of the room’s shape, and the attendants within, Igor will always be there to assist in strengthening the power of your Persona. No one knows what he gets out of the deal. Whatever it is, it’s enough for him to keep creating contracts with others.

Jeane – Suikoden Series


Another of the big mysteries of Suikoden, Jeane is a rune master that has been present in every major war in the world’s known history. Keep in mind that these wars have happened over the course of 150 years, and she hasn’t aged a day in any of them. As far as we know, she has not been granted immortality from a True Rune, and thanks to an Easter egg in Suikoden III, we learn that there definitely is a secret to her. Will we ever know the truth?

Roger Bacon – Koudelka/Shadow Hearts Series


The immortal wizard of Wales, Roger Bacon, has been a consistent driving force throughout the Shadow Hearts games, as well as Koudelka. Roger is a very eccentric old man who spends most of his time making gadgets, flying machines, and eventually attempts to build a spaceship. While his contraptions are about 50/50 in usefulness, his wisdom in the dark arts is impressive, and is an interesting character through and through.

The Five – Recurring RPG characters

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