Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 7


Play Time: 11 Hours, 9 Minutes
Average Party Level: 26

The Story So Far

Hot on the trails of the final code key, DATS fights their way through a broken digital forest to find Creepymon. Marcus is bent on revenge, but before he could land a final blow, a tear into the human world appears, allowing Creepymon and several other Digimon to cross over. The city is being destroyed, and it’s up to DATS to find Creepymon and beat him once and for all.


Okay, so they re-colored a previous area again. It’s kind of annoying, but the saving grace is that there was a different puzzle mechanic to this one. It was easy to figure out, but that’s okay. It’s nice to see that a game takes the opportunity to at least pick your brain a little, instead on focusing on nothing but combat and exploration. Puzzles should be challenging, but not so hard that you are stuck in them for hours of gameplay. Given the age range of most of the expected players of this game, I wasn’t expecting anything too difficult.

I’m slowly starting to get some cooler looking Digimon forms. Gaomon finally became MachGaogamon, which is nice. He’s not anything too powerful, but he’s fast and that helps a lot. I’m getting really close to unlocking some Mega level Digimon, and I am really looking forward to that power output. I keep saying I’m going to do some grinding, but never get around to it. So far I haven’t needed to. I think grinding in this game is really just for new Digimon forms, and level is not as relevant.

Next area is in the human world! This will be interesting! Look forward to it next week!

Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 7

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