The Five – RPG Mascots

There are many things that game franchises or series’ are known for. Whether it’s epic stories, fantastic gameplay or stunning visuals, you have a reason to remember that series. What’s more, many different franchises have their own mascots that make a series easily identifiable. Here are my five favorite mascots in RPG games.

See the five below!

Jack Frost – Shin Megami Tensei


Name a Shin Megami Tensei game that does not include the most lovable demonic snowman in gaming. This blue capped snowman with a jack-O-lantern face has been seen in all games, and has had modified versions of him in other games, like Raiho from the Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha games. His image was even used in the recent Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, as the mascot for the Hee-Ho Mart.

Moogles – Final Fantasy


Moogles were introduced into the Final Fantasy series in Final Fantasy III. After skipping the next game in the series, they became the cuddly mainstay throughout each game. Sometimes they were playable, while others they were merely NPCs. Either way, between the Moogle and the Chocobo, I still have to say that the Moogle wins the official mascot race by a hair.

Slimes – Dragon Quest


“A slime draws near.”

Anyone who has played a Dragon Quest game has seen these words on their screen, usually during their first monster encounter. From the look of it, slimes aren’t the most artistic design. I mean it’s just a drop of goo with eyes and a mouth. Still, there’s something about it that just makes me remember Dragon Quest more than any other image I’ve seen of it.

Prinnies – Disgaea/Nippon Ichi


Prinnies were first introduced in the Disgaea series. These exploding penguins became so well known, that they were used in many other titles from Nippon Ichi games, and eventually were given their own game. For the low end of the totem pole, these guys sure know how to be amazing, dood!

Grunties – .Hack//

Originally the pets of The World, the Grunties were an interesting pet feature for an online game. When the game evolved to The World R2 in the .Hack//G.U. series, they became smaller, cuter, and were the mascots of the game’s guild system. Each Grunty would dress up like their guild leader, and would each have a silly phrase or saying after each sentence. I always look forward to visiting the guilds in game in order to talk to the Grunties.

The Five – RPG Mascots

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