Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 5


Play Time: 8 Hours, 10 Minutes

Average Party Level: 23

The Story So Far

Another Mao Digimon signal has been confirmed in a location called the Digital Dungeon. After careful navigation, Marcus and his team locate Beelzemon, and a fierce battle ensues. Beelzemon’s defeat released another missing child, and the code key of gluttony. Marcus can’t be far from Creepymon now.


So first of all, kinda disappointed that the Digital Dungeon area is just a rehash of the Mirage Museum. It uses the same puzzle system, and all the room designs are just recolored versions of the same thing. Seriously, I can only assume that this game was made with a minimal budget with the sole purpose of capitalizing on the release of Digimon Savers, but still.

With all that can be an issue with the development, I still have to say I’m enjoying the digivolution system. I am really into trying to evolve Agumon into a WarGreymon, and that means he has to beat 25 digimon of every type. With 8 types in all, that’s a minimum of  200 digimon. So far, I’ve only met the quota with two types. I will get there though. Even if it means leaving the others at the wayside…which is kinda what I’ve been doing.

I can only assume that things are building up in the story for a major twist. I mean, thanks to the silhouette of Kosaburo’s client in the last area, I’m almost certain who the bad guy here is. My guess is that this person will not reveal themselves until all the code keys are revealed. So who’s left? We have Lucemon, Creepymon, and Leviamon. I guess we will find out who’s next soon!

Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 5

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