Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 4


Play Time: 6 Hours, 57 Minutes

Average Party level: 19

The Story So Far

Kagura’s Sister, Yuma, has been tracked to Livlius Island. This sector is known for its dragon-type Digimon. After a thorough search, and the help of a friendly Pandamon, DATS locates the Mao Digimon Lilithmon. Her defeat released Yuma, and as expected, Kosaburo and Biyomon tried and failed to retrieve the code key. Yuma and her Renamon have been safely returned to DATS for treatment, when another Mao Digimon signature appears. DATS Deploy!

How am I doing? Find out below!


Finally, I got to beat up that stupid detective with his really inappropriate gestures. He was all talk, and it took less time to beat him than most other bosses so far.

Speaking of combat, I am noticing a very repetitive pattern in boss fights. Use items to change attack element to weakness, build attack, and nearly one hit kill the boss. GIven that the Mao Digimon will be the same type, it’s just a matter of keeping stocked up on the same item.

The good news here is that I now have RiseGreymon, who is dominating the stage at this point. Hopefully, the others will get to their next stages soon.

I think my plans are to grind a bit and pick up missed treasure chests before I advance the plot. I’ll see you all soon!

Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 4

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