Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 3


Play Time: 5 Hours, 31 Minutes

Average Party Level: 16

The Story So Far

The investigation of Mirage Museum has begun. While searching for the huge energy signature, The DATS team is shown an image of Kagura’s little sister being absorbed by a Digimon in another area. They are shortly after confronted by Barbamon. His defeat also released one of the missing children, who was also holding a mysterious card. Once again, the card was taken by Kosaburo and his Biyomon. What is Kosaburo’s goal, and what is his connection to the missing children?

Check out my thoughts so far!


I knew it! the Seven Demon Lords! Okay, that was pretty obvious, but still. A new Digimon player may not have noticed, but on top of Barbamon, Lilithmon has been seen in the vision I saw.

I’m still not enjoying the lack of a map. I find that I am missing parts, which means I’m missing treasure chests. I don’t necessarily want a map that shows their location or anything. I just think I would miss less if I had something to refer to.

I spent some time after doing plot doing a little bit of grinding for digivolving. I’ve unlocked a lot of Gaomon and Lalamon’s new forms. Some of the requirements can be a bit weird, but they have all been easily attainable so far. Unlike other Digmon games, raw stats are not the main way to digivolve. Some requirements include defeating so many Digimon of a certain type, dealing so much damage and taking so much damage. At least there’s a lot of options so I’m not left such with the same team all the time.

Next week I’ll be talking about a nest of dragon type Digimon. Can’t wait!

Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 3

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