Censorship in RPG Games

This month, I have decided to spend some time writing about how video games, RPGs in particular, have been censored over the years for various types of content. It’s an issue I’ve been seeing happen more and more as I’ve gotten older, and I felt like addressing my own views on the matter.

For the next three weeks, every Wednesday will have a new article posted about a different type of censorship. They will highlight examples of games, both old and new, that have been censored or modified for whatever reason, and I will do my best to highlight my own opinion of them.

So, before I post these, I just wanted to set some expectations for those who read this.

First, These articles are subjective. They are meant to express my own opinion. I do not believe that my views are the views of any other person. If you have a difference of opinion, I would love to hear about it as long as it can be discussed in a civil manner. If you’d like to share examples that help illustrate my points, I’d love to hear about that too!

Second, Since this blog is dedicated to Old RPGs, I have focused all of my examples on this genre alone. I am fully aware that many other games of other genres have been affected by censorship, and the impact had on those games should by no means seem diminished just because I am not talking about them. Quite frankly, I don’t play a lot of non-RPG games, so I don’t have a lot of knowledge on those games to properly use them as examples.

Last, I have decided to not include images in this piece. Everything I will be talking about here is easily accessible with a Google search, and as I would like to keep “suggestive” imagery off of the blog, I encourage you all to do so for further understanding.

I do hope you’ll take the time to read these pieces, and share them with others if you like them!

Censorship in RPG Games

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