Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 1


Play time: 1 Hour, 32 Minutes

Average Party Level: 8

The Story So Far:

The DATS squad has been ordered to track down a wild Bakemon that has been causing trouble in the digital world. After finding and subduing him, he suddenly digivolved into Myotismon. Thanks to an on-the-fly strategy by Thomas, Myotismon was defeated quickly. At the DATS Headquarters, the team learns that an area of the digital world known as the Dark Area is likely the cause of the wild Digimon, as well as some missing children in the human world. The team is assigned to investigate, while Marcus keeps a lookout for Creepymon, the Digimon who beat him and Agumon.


So, I’m not too far into the game at this point, but from a gameplay standpoint, it’s fun. Combat is a bit slow moving, and the load times are a bit much, but it’s been enjoyable so far. The random in battle digivolving is neat, but I feel that it might cause a problem down the road. Given that I can’t see what the Digimon will become ahead of time, I could end up with something less powerful in the middle of a boss fight. Luckily, it looks like save points are readily available right before a boss fight, so it may not be as bad.

Having watched a subbed version of Digimon Savers, It’s hard to deal with the dubbing of this game. The fact that only half of the names were white-washed is rather odd too. Yoshino is still Yoshino, and yet Masaru is Marcus. There have also been volume issues with the voice track. Sometimes it sounds fine, and then out of nowhere it goes down really low. Thankfully, I’m not paying that much attention to the voices because they aren’t that great.

The game so far is not perfect, but I think I will enjoy it just enough to keep going.

Playthrough Journal – Digimon World Data Squad Part 1

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