Upcoming Content – Summer Edition

Hey everyone!

So as you can tell, there hasn’t been too much posted on here as of late. That doesn’t mean that I’m not hard at work either playing some games for review, or coming up with some new ideas for content to add to the blog. I wanted to take a minute to give you some insight as to some of the things I’m working on right now, to eventually bring to your feeds.

Find out what I’m working on below!

-Firstly, I am working on a new playthrough journal. I’ve chosen to work on Digimon World: Data Squad for the PS2. I had always wanted to get through this one, and managed to find a copy at a comic convention just recently. My first post is done, and just needs some polish before it releases.

-I’m working on re-playing a few games right now. Not going as fast as I want to since I have been addicted to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Since the games I’m currently working on I have played before, I will likely start reviews of them before finishing, so they will come out hopefully sooner rather than later.

– I’m going to start a mini-series of opinion pieces, with the hopes of posting them by mid-July. These pieces are going to talk about the impact of different types of censorship in RPGs, both old and new. Using examples, I will illustrate my feelings about each form of censorship, and its place in RPG gaming. Since this is an RPG blog, it will not focus on censorship from outside of the genre, but I am aware of its impact in other games as well. If these pieces go over well, I will do more pieces about other issues that are in high debate in the gaming industry.

-My Monster Rancher 3 posts are still happening. My next monster piece will be up soon as well. With so many things on the go, these will not be the most regular posts, but there’s still lots to do in the game, so I will keep raising monsters down the road.

Remember, I’m always open to suggestions, comments, and friendly debate on any of my work. I do want to hear from you all about ways to make this blog more interesting. You can always comment on any of my posts, or e-mail me at kojin66rpg@gmail.com.

Until next Time!


Upcoming Content – Summer Edition

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