Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Finale


Final Play Time: 9 Hours, 53 Minutes


After a long journey, Katia has come face to face with Thalnos, the Enchanter. Thus began a duel between card summoners. Katias victory over Thalnos released the God of Destruction. Against all odds, our princess managed to defeat the source of the black fog, and peace and stability returned to Argwyll.

My final thoughts are after the break!


IT’S FINALLY OVER!! Oh my god, I thought it would never end. The only thing I am truly thankful for here is the fact that this game was not very long.

The two stage final boss was a real pain.  I actually died the first time, which was annoying.  I was also getting the same graphical glitching I had with the Dragon way back during this fight. It didn’t hinder the fights all that much, but it’s still something that diminishes the experience.

As for the end game sequence, While a lot of it was text explaining what happened afterward, there was a decent looking cinematic at the end. It mostly just reiterated what was said in the text paragraphs, but it still looked pretty good.

As you can clearly tell, I was not the biggest fan of this game, but I’m still glad I tried something I hadn’t played before. It may not have been my thing, but I’m sure it may interest someone out there.

And so I close my second Playthrough Journal. I have an inkling that I know what my next one will be, but until I’m 100% certain, I won’t announce it. Expect to hear about it within the next week or two. Until then, look forward to my review of Lost Kingdoms, and the Monster Rancher 3 Log. My next monster should pass soon.

Thanks for reading!

Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Finale

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