Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 5



Play time:  8 Hours, 27 Minutes
Level Cleared:  Ruh-Arok Temple

The Story So Far

After defeating the black witch Helena in the coliseum, you learn that she was a princess in her own country, and it was destroyed by the Enchanter. Katia knows that he is responsible for the Black Fog and the suffering in Argwyll. After a long journey, she has met with the God of Creation. It alone can send her to the other side, to face and defeat her foe.

Check out what I thought about it!


It looks like I’m finally getting close to the end of the game. I am thankful that this game is so short, because it’s not something I could do for an extended period of time. That’s part of the reason my journal entries are so far between each other.

Everything about this game is just so repetitive. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I think a stronger plot would have helped make this repetition better. Katia is a silent protagonist, and this is one instance where I think it should not have been so.

At this point, I’m fairly certain that the next entry will be the last. Hopefully I will have more to say at that point, but if not, I’ll have plenty to say when I write up my full review.

Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 5

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