Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 4


Play Time: 5 Hours, 13 Minutes

Point Cleared: Grenfoel Church

The Story So Far (If you can call it that)

After a long search, Katia has found her father, only to watch him die in her arms. His final words were to tell her to gather the five rune stones and take them to the great shrine.

Upon reaching the castle of Whyt, You learn that the mysterious Black Witch has come looking for the rune stone, and that the Prince has gone missing on his trip to Grenfoel Church, which is where the stone is also hidden. Katia manages to retrieve the stone, but the Black Witch has kidnapped the prince. Katia must head to the Coliseum to rescue the prince, and hopefully defeat her nemesis once and for all.

Find out what I thought after the break!


Yay for gender role reversal! It’s refreshing to see an old game take a minor spin on the damsel in distress trope, especially in a game that came out last decade.

There’s not much else to say about the game at this point that I haven’t already said. The story hasn’t really gotten any more interesting, and the gameplay continues to be slow and repetitive.

I also came across my first graphical glitch while playing. During a boss fight with a Zombie Dragon, Any time I would hit him, his character model would just blink away for a few seconds.

What is neat is my newfound ability to capture monsters into cards. This includes bosses, so you can get some powerful stuff if you’re successful. Capturing follows the standard Pokemon format: The weaker it is, the easier to capture.

I currently have four of the five rune stones, which tells me I am likely getting close to the end game. This will be a much shorter playthrough journal than I had initially hoped for, but at this point, I am okay with that.

Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 4

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