Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 3


Play Time: 4 Hours, 24 Minutes

Point Cleared: The Yprek Mines

The Story So Far

After Katia receives the Rune Stone from Grayl Castle, she heads for Kendarie castle to seek more information about her father, while asking for their stone. While not learning much about the King, she does find out that Kendarie’s Rune Stone was stolen. Katia sets forth and dispatches the theif at the Yprek Mines, and obtains another stone. Next Stop, the Castle of Whyt.


Once again, I find myself slogging through this one. I still can’t get myself invested, and each level is such a long, arduous task. They are increasing in length thanks to some extra running around to find locks and solve puzzles which aren’t very interesting to solve.

As for my deck, I have a hard time relying on summoned monster cards. The AIs tend to be really unreliable for me, so I focus mostly on weapon based cards. This may be why I’m having difficulty with boss fights, but it’s the most reliable system I have.

Based on my issues with the game, I likely won’t do a whole lot of side quests, as they are all just extra levels for the game.

I’m going to keep going here, but I have to stress that I’m forcing myself. I will get to the end eventually though.

Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 3

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