Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 2


TIme Played: 2 Hours, 45 MInutes

Mission Cleared:  Castle Grayl


So here I am at what seems to be the first major point in the game. I have encountered another card summoner, and it seems that there are rune stones in each main castle in the kingdom. After being attacked by the mystery woman, Katia got another stone, which increased her HP. Handy that, since I have had a little bit of trouble with side missions and the most recent story mission.

I’ve gotta say, From Software really knows how to challenge their audience. Even an early game side area proved very challenging. It took four attempts just to clear it even after already getting new cards. I had to play through the Grayl Castle mission twice before I beat that boss.

Story is still really lacking. Normally, I would be intrigued by the arrival of another card user, but her entrance was really nothing special, and I now have a rival, and don’t really understand why. Since the main story is Katia trying to find her father, I’ve been getting a “Sorry Katia, but the king is in another castle” vibe.

I don’t think I’ve gotten very far in the game, and it’s becoming a bit of a slog to get through. I will get there though, even if it kills me.

Playthrough Journal – Lost Kingdoms Part 2

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