New Playthrough Journal Announcement

Hey Everyone,

I have finally decided on my next playthrough journal. Realistically, I could do this for any game I decide to replay, but I have decided to save these for games for specific occasion. First, it needs to be something I haven’t played before, and second, It needs to be something I have not done a lot of research on. All I need to know is that it’s an RPG and on an old platform. And with that, I give you the cover of my next game.


I have done very little research on this game, and have no idea what to expect other than the box art. What I do know is that it uses a card-based system, similar to Baten Kaitos. What I AM intrigued by is that this game is developed by From Software, famous for the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne.

I will be starting my playthrough over the weekend, so hopefully I will have my first entry up sometime next week.

See you soon!


New Playthrough Journal Announcement

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