The Five – Inappropriate RPG Characters

Sorry for the lack of posting recently. Been a little hectic around the house. Things are finally getting back to normal, so here I am with another five people. This was too fun to pass up.

Every RPG has its share of character archetypes, whether PC or NPC. I always find myself amused or disgusted by the more inappropriate characters that exist in the world. On that note, here are some of the most noteworthy, and sometimes cringe worthy inappropriate characters in the RPG universe.

Vigoro – Skies of Arcadia


Vigoro is probably the worst of the bunch here. He is a general in the Valuan army, and has this strange notion that every woman in the world is attracted to him. This mentality means he will take any woman, and certainly has a disregard for the concept of “No means no”. This is shown with your first major encounter with him. You save Aika from Vigoro’s attempt to force himself on her. Vigoro is not only inappropriate, he’s downright scum.

Astrid – Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland


Astrid runs her own alchemy workshop, and hires an assistant named Rorona. She makes no attempt to hide that she finds her assistant adorable, and spends a lot of their time together making suggestive comments to Rorona, making her very uncomfortable at times. In times like these, I’m sure Rorona wishes she had a human resources department to file a harassment complaint to.

Noriko Kashiwagi – Persona 4


Kashiwagi is the second homeroom teacher that your class ends up with, and oh man, is she wrong. She encourages the young to enjoy their youth in whatever way possible, she appears in the school festival’s beauty pageant as a contestant, and during your class trip, lets the class stay at a love motel. Forget Socrates. If there’s anyone who should be accused of corruption of the young, it’s her.

Yuri Hyuga – Shadow Hearts


Yuri is the “hero” of Shadow hearts, who is guided to a young woman named Alice by a mysterious voice. Along the way, he has several opportunities to look up her skirt and make lewd comments. He also gets an opportunity to look up another woman’s skirt, who somehow also becomes your ally in the game.

SkyCat – Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica


SkyCat is a waitress that works in a restaurant in Rakshek. Luca worked with her in the past, and during your visits to the city, you will interact with her. SkyCat is very suggestive with her comments to Luca, and continually refers to her as “Master”. These comments are downright innuendo, and would make Luca very uncomfortable. Maybe this is why Luca took up Dive Therapy?


The Five – Inappropriate RPG Characters

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