The Five – Non-Human Party Members

And here we are with another Friday, and another Five of something. Last week, we looked at some oddities in party members by looking at some of the younger characters that you can play with. This week, we are looking at another unique type of character: Non-humans. Whether alien, monster or machine, Non-humans have been a part of RPGs of every genre. Some are merely support characters, but there are those that really shine. Here is a list of some that I have encountered in my gaming travels.

Steve – Rogue Galaxy


Steve is a robot designed by the famous robotics engineer, Dr. Poccachio. He is a one-of-a- kind design, and uses the highest quality materials. Steve has his own personality, empathy, and is capable of making his own decisions. He is incredibly kind hearted for something that doesn’t technically have a heart.

In combat, Steve is a force to be reckoned with, using sharp claws or powerful fists as his main weapon, and a guided laser system as his secondary weapon. Steve shows exceptional battle prowess. His skills also tap into electricity and ice-based attacks, making him versatile during his travels with Jaster and his crew.

Steve also holds a very special secret inside of him, and that is revealed during the story, making him an interesting plot character as well.

Mog – Final Fantasy VI


Mog is a very fun little Moogle. He is the only one capable of human speech, and is a master of dance. Your first encounter with Mog determines whether he joins you right away, or later on in the game.

Mog’s dance skills are fun to use, as they are learned by fighting in different terrains. Once the dance command is activated, it goes off every turn for the rest of the battle with random skills based on the dance style. Apart from skills, Mog can equip decent equipment, and his weapon of choice is the halberd.

Prinnies – Disgaea


Prinnies have been the mascot of the Disgaea franchise from the beginning. Each Prinny was once a horrible person in life, forced into a life of servitude to repay their debts to the powers that be. To do that, they live in the bodies of demonic penguins.

While Prinnies aren’t very powerful on the battlefield, they have one ace up their sleeve. If thrown, they explode. The higher the level, the greater the explosion damage. It’s not often worth losing a party member over in a fight, but it’s a really entertaining concept for a playable non-human.

Gray – Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny


Gray was once a human, but was transformed into a dragon in his past travels. He searches the land, trying to find a way to free himself from this curse, but has still embraced his dragonic powers.

Gray has the sheer brute strength of a dragon, and has mastered his dragon’s breath skills. Say what you will about his being cursed. Gray knows how to adapt his situation to his advantage.

KOS-MOS – Xenosaga series


KOS-MOS was designed as a battle android with the skill set to fight the Gnosis. She is armed and fully equipped for both small and large-scale combat, making her one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. With the ability to materialize the Gnosis, making them vulnerable to conventional weapons, KOS-MOS is an incredibly useful tool for many different factions, making her valuable to enemies and allies alike.

Final Thoughts

These last two lists have been fun to come up with, and I will likely do more about specific character types. Next week will be something a little different, though. Next week will have to do with game series’ in a certain way. Hope you’ll be here for it!

The Five – Non-Human Party Members

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