The Five – Playable Characters, Age 14 or Younger

RPGs tend to have a lot of powerful playable party members. Most of these characters are in their teens or older, but what about the powerhouses that haven’t fully matured yet? This list highlights some of the best youngin’s in old school RPGs.

Ken Amada – Age 10 – Persona 3


Ken Amada comes from a very depressing life. His mother was killed, and for some time, he has experienced the horrors of the Dark Hour. He joins up with SEES in order to get revenge for his mother’s murder. His weapon of choice is a Naginata, and has the willpower and courage to summon his Persona through the insane method of shooting himself. He’s a got a strong will and has a good sense of combat, makes him a contender for this list.

Relm Arrowny – Age 10 – Final Fantasy VI


Coming from a village of mages, Relm has taken her talent for painting a step further. With her magic, she is able to take control of whatever or whomever she sketches. The first time we see her use this power is against the infamous squid monstrosity known as Ultros. That kind of magic should take some time to develop, but little Relm is a natural.

Shabon – Age 6 – Suikoden III


Here’s the youngest character on my list. Shabon is part of a trio of travelling performers. Since travelling in a small group can be dangerous, one needs to protect themselves. Shabon has taken an interest in Kenpo, and is amazing with it. If you take the time to work on her skills, she will hit multiple times in a single attack, and do some great damage. She is one little firecracker, and is awesome.

Anna Lemouri – Age 12 – Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis


Anna transfers to Al-Revis to learn alchemy, but her first passion is swordsmanship. What’s truly impressive is her mastery of her style. Her special skills allow her to slice open portals and create points of travel in between attacks. Her speed is unmatched, so she does many devastating hits, and the enemies have no idea where she is coming from. She is yet another force to be reckoned with.

Anastasia Romanov – Age 14 – Shadow Hearts: Covenant


As the princess of the Russian Dynasty, Anastasia has a lot of free time on her hands. She uses it to sneak out onto the town and learn photography from a local shop. Her pictures are imbued with a very special power, however. She can capture the soul of those she takes pictures of, and summon a copy of them into battle, from the picture that develops. That’s a creepy power to be on the receiving end of, but it made her very useful during some of the boss fights in the game.

Final Thoughts

If these kids are so amazing at their current ages, I would be amazed to see how powerful they are once they’ve grown up. There were several other choices for kids for this series, but I felt that these five had the most impact in terms of gameplay ability, as well as the aesthetic of their skills actual effects of their magical abilities.

The Five – Playable Characters, Age 14 or Younger

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