Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal – Part 7



Play Time: 26 Hours, 24 Minutes
Average Party Level: 33

The Story So Far

After successfully recovering the Blue Moon Crystal from Mt. Kazai, Vyse and crew returned to Yafutoma. Shortly after, the Valuan army unexpectedly shows up, and helps a rival family overthrow the Yafutoma government. With the Delphinus under Valuan control once again, Vyse must team up with an exiled Yafutoman prince to recover his ship, and save the country. Vyse manages to get his ship back, just in time for the third Gigas, Bluheim, to be awakened. With the superior firepower of the Delphinus, Bluheim is defeated, and peace is restored. Vyse is rewarded with the Blue Moon Crystal for saving Yafutoma. The crew decides to head back to headquarters to decide on their next destination.

Incidentally, Vyse travelling east from Yafutoma led him to Horteka, proving that the world is round.


Mt Kazai was an interesting dungeon. It took a little longer to get through this one for me, but that was because a lot of the dungeon was underwater, requiring me to use a scuba suit. It was fun and added to the realism of walking underwater, but it was a bit time consuming. I was also impressed with the realism of the fact that most of the crew don’t know how to swim. Given that they are sky faring pirates, it’s only natural that this skill is unnecessary in life. By pointing this out, it really speaks to the care taken to develop the story and world setting. It’s not much, but the little things really do help, and Skies of Arcadia Legends has a lot of little things that make it quite the gem.

I also had my second encounter with ‘Admiral Innuendo’, more commonly known as Vigoro. This is not only an annoying character, but he’s a personality type I’ve not been overly fond of, as I’ve encountered people like him in real life. To clarify, Vigoro is a muscle bound guy who seems to think that every woman in the world wants him, and doesn’t really take no for an answer. There’s a sense of catharsis with repeatedly beating him down, and this time I got to take out his overcompensat-I mean ship.

As for the fight with Bluheim, it was nice to see a fight with a Gigas properly end. No stalling, no gimmick to incapacitate it. It was just a straight beat down. Do I think it’s gone for good? Probably not. It was still a challenging fight, and I’m still enjoying airship battles overall.

I spent a lot of time after this area looking for crew. I have most of them at this point, and will get the rest in short order. For now, it’s back to my newly renovated HQ!

Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal – Part 7

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