Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal – Part 6


Play Time: 23 Hours, 12 Minutes
Average Party Level: 30

The Story So Far

With Crescent Island being remodeled into the Blue Rogues’ new pirate lair, Vyse and his crew continue their search for the Moon Crystals. Their goal is the Blue Moon Crystal, said to reside in the eastern skies of Yafutoma. To get there, Vyse travelled from the former military town of Esperanza, past a Valuan blockade, and through the dangerous Dark Rift.

After some unpleasantness with some locals, Vyse met with the leader of Yafutoma, who gave them the location of the Blue Moon Crystal, with the plans to recover it for the people of Yafutoma.


I’m so glad I like to keep money on hand at all times. Thanks to my penny pinching, I already had the 100,000 gold needed to upgrade my ship and start building my pirate fortress. It’s also nice to be able to pass through all of the obstructions on the world map and get around. It helped me pick up a few new crew members for my ship.

The scenes in Esperanza were very straightforward. It’s impressive to see that Vyse’s actions have been an inspiration for the whole town after dealing with the blockade. At least I know that there will soon be another crew member waiting there for me.

It was nice to see Enrique get some development as well. His unwavering resolve to go against his own people shows here during the blockade, and it’s nice to see that he hasn’t been left at the wayside as a character whose only development is his airsickness.

As for the Dark Rift, it was one of the eeriest places I have flown through so far. It was confusing to navigate, and hope I never have to go there again.

My next entry will hopefully have me holding the Blue Moon Crystal.

PS. I kind of felt like I was travelling through the Time Vortex while I was in the Dark Rift. No signs of the Doctor though.

Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal – Part 6

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