Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal – Part 5


Play Time: 19 Hours, 51 Minutes
Average Party Level: 26

The Story So Far

After retrieving the “treasure” from Daccat’s Island, Vyse and his friends return to Nasrad just in time to witness the Valuan invasion. While trying to escape, they are captured by Ramirez, a Valuan Admiral with a connection to Fina. The crew must now once again escape Valua. Gilder sets a plan in motion, and with the help of the Valuan Prince, they escape, stealing the most advanced warship in the Valuan armada. Enrique, who is against Valua’s plans to conquer, joins the Blue Rogues, while Gilder leaves. Before leaving, Gilder offers Vyse some sage advice; Get a crew, set up a base, and never give up. Vyse heads for the island he was recently stranded on, with plans to use it as his new home.


First off, I FINALLY HAVE MY OWN SHIP! I am so excited to finally be able to recruit crew members and upgrade a ship on my own.

Now, here’s my biggest concern. From a story perspective, I find it very strange for the Valuan Empress to give her son the most powerful warship in her fleet, knowing that he is very against violence and her plans of invasion. That’s some poor planning if you ask me. I expect that if she stays in power for the rest of the game, she’s going to ruin everything.

I am saddened to see Gilder leave. The fact that he has an escape plan for almost every situation means he has lived a very interesting life. He’s a really fun character, but his advice for Vyse before leaving also shows that he does care and respect his friends. For an older game, I am very impressed with the character depth I’ve encountered, and look forward to my continued adventures.

Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal – Part 5

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