Skies of Arcadia Legends – Playthrough Journal 4


Play Time: 18 Hours, 32 Minutes
Average Party Level: 25

The Story So Far

After several days of being stranded on a deserted island, Vyse manages to rebuild his escape ship. Sadly, as soon as it’s ready, he is picked up by a fellow sky pirate named Gilder. After some comedic circumstances, Gilder accompanies Vyse to Nasrad, where Vyse plans to warn the Nasultan of Valua’s impending attack. After being laughed out of the palace, they then decide to find the island where the treasure of the legendary pirate Daccat is buried.

Meanwhile, Aika and Fina were picked up by a pirate named Clara, and taken to Nasrad as well. There, they worked as waitresses to earn enough money to buy a small boat, hoping to find Vyse and Drachma. While working, they are also told about Daccat’s treasure, and they decide to go look for it as well.

After entering the island at separate entry points, the two parties unknowingly help each other reach the treasure, reuniting under happy circumstances.


This point in the game has been some of the funniest bits of storytelling throughout the game so far. Most of this is thanks to Gilder and his womanizing ways. The fact that he and his crew have devised escape plans for when he is followed by a stalker or fangirl is just priceless.

I also love the classic story gag where one person is trying to find another person, and they’re in the same place. They always keep missing each other by one second. Not only that, but it was added upon with Vyse and Gilder staying in the same inn as Fina and Aika, literally next door to each other. It may have been done before in other media, but it seems to have its own unique touch every time I see it.

The dungeon in Daccat’s Island is incredibly elaborate. The design requiring two people at opposite entry points was clever, and the fact that the two parties didn’t know they needed the other to get through it was just entertaining in and of itself.  Since we were going back and forth as two groups of two, I’m thankful that the encounter difficulty was scaled down a bit. Vyse and Gilder had no problem, but the girls didn’t have access to the inventory pool, so it could have been a lot harder otherwise.

Back to Nasrad to figure things out, then.


PS: I miss Drachma

Skies of Arcadia Legends – Playthrough Journal 4

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