Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal – Part 3.5


Gameplay Time: 15:49
Average Party Level: 22

The Story So Far

Vyse and his friends have found the gate which leads to the Yellow Moon Crystal, but it is sealed and even Valua has not been able to break it. Drachma is given information from a Valuan soldier that the arcwhale he has been hunting is nearby. After a night of preparations, Rakhnam appears before the Little Jack, along with a Valuan fleet trying to kill it. The ship and its crew were unable to deal with both the fleet and Rakhnam, and are forced to abandon ship. Drachma stays behind, and the life boats are shot down. Now, Vyse has awoken on an unknown island, and has no idea where Aika and Fina are, or if they are even alive.


Normally I wouldn’t post again so quickly, but since this is a major turning point in the story, it seemed necessary. This is also a big point for me, because now I’m really hooked. I stopped playing tonight on this cliffhanger, and now I just want to keep going.

Drachma’s back story has been filled out at this point as well. While I’m still mad at him for his past transgressions, I can understand his motives. At this point, his status is also unknown, and as one of my stronger party members, I really hope that I’ll see him again.

I cannot wait to continue, and to share my continued adventures.

Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal – Part 3.5

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