Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal #2


Time Played – 10 Hours, 8 Minutes

The Story So Far

After meeting with a beautiful dancer in the town of Maramba, Vyse, Aika and Fina have found a ship that will get them the Temple of Pyrim. Their long and perilous journey through the ruins led them to the Fire Moon Crystal, which was immediately stolen by the Valuan Empire. Valua wasted no time in activating the first Golem, which was hidden under the temple. All hope seemed lost for our pirates until a familiar face rescued them. The Valuan general was defeated, the Moon Crystal was reclaimed, and the Golem was silenced. Vyse and the crew are now headed westward, where they hope to find the Wind Moon Crystal.


Sadly I haven’t had an opportunity to play much thanks to work, Christmas and so on. I’ve Still made some good progress since the last entry. I got through this piece of plot, and then caught up to some side events. I found all of the Discoveries that I can up to this point, and have beaten the second bounty on the wanted list. I still have to go after this challenge fight that Vyse received as a letter, so I think that will be my next goal before advancing the story.


Now that I have played through a bit more, I can say that at this point, I am really liking the dungeon level designs. I had a lot of fun in the Temple of Pyrim. There was a lot to explore in the dungeon, as I kept finding many hidden passages with treasure chests. It included some puzzles in order to advance, and they made me think, but overall were not too challenging. I like that because if a dungeon is large, it should NOT be made longer by making the puzzles too hard. It also had a few Indiana Jones moments where I was being chased by a large rolling boulder. Overall, an enjoyable dungeon.

Also, the Discovery system is also a lot of fun, but I find it does have its ups and downs. The positives are the fact that you are rewarded for exploring the world map this way, and it also gives the world itself some definition. The biggest negative I can find is that the locations are sometimes so specifically placed, they can easily be missed. The clues for the locations can be a bit too vague as well, meaning you can be spending a lot of time looking for a needle in a haystack and be riddled with encounters along the way. It may be frustrating at times, but it hasn’t made me dislike the game in any way, and I’m still looking forward to pressing on.

Here’s to more gaming in the new year!

PS: I’m still mad at Drachma

Skies of Arcadia Legends Playthrough Journal #2

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