Playthrough Journal – Skies of Arcadia Legends #1

Play Time: 6 Hours, 20 Minutes
Average Character Level: 12

Most Recent Plot Point

Vyse has offered to help Fina with her mission to find the six Moon Crystals. Their first stop is to the city of Maramba, in the desert island of Nasr. To their dismay, our heroes have lost their mode of transportation. They must now start looking for a new ship, while gathering information about the Fire Moon Crystal’s location.

Impressions So Far

For a port of a Dreamcast title, Skies of Arcadia Legends really does hold up to its age. While the visuals aren’t quite what they could have been if properly remastered for the GameCube, what few enhancements that were made have really helped keep it fresh.

While each character has their own charm, I am particularly interested in Fina’s character. After playing games where the “Mystery Girl” comes out of nowhere, and is crucial to the plot, it’s nice to see one that doesn’t have amnesia. Fina is initially very tight lipped about her mission. She even endures a beating from the Valuan Empire and doesn’t tell. She only reveals her mission to Vyse and the Blue Rogues when she feels it’s absolutely necessary. This fact alone makes me feel like there was some actual thought put into some of the story, and hope there are more fun twists and turns as I continue.

The other thing that I want to comment on is the combat system, but not in a mechanical sense. In a typical turn-based RPG, characters are usually motionless until it is their turn to take action. Since combat is done on multiple camera angles, when someone attacks, you will on occasion see other characters take a swing at something, or dodge an attack. There is no damage dealt with these attacks, but this is the first time in an RPG that I have seen something like this, and I think it is a fantastic piece of design. It’s not the most action filled scenery overall, but it actually looks like there’s a fight going on, and not just a bunch of motionless dolls waiting for their turn to do something.

I am looking forward to playing out some more of the game. So far, so good!

PS: Drachma is an anus

Playthrough Journal – Skies of Arcadia Legends #1

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